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Isn't it amazing to learn that cycling just three hours a day will make your life much longer and lower your risks of premature mortality? Another interesting fact is that older people benefit even more from riding a bike than younger ones. You don't have to be as amazing as Lance Armstrong - the legend, all you need to do is dedicate some time to your bike. Not only cycling benefits your physical health but it also improves your mental condition, helping to deal with depression and lowering the chances of getting depression and even suicidal states in the first place. In addition to those benefits bikes are not an expensive hobby, they don't cost much to maintain, besides you don't need much equipment and with good maintenance it will serve you practically forever. So as you can see, riding a bike is an attractive pastime - in all aspects.

We have created a club of bike rides lovers to attract more people to this exciting and useful for health hobby. If you want to join our community of healthy and happy people, come to our place in your city. Recently we have organized a grand office moving in order to be in more convenient location for you. So, give up all your doubts and join our club right now.

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We are happy to announce our new bike competition, which will take place this spring with the support of Careyscustomconstruction solar panel installation company. The main goal of this event is to promote the idea of energy saving and emissions-reducing.

Join our bike competition, which will take place on August 10. All professionals and amateurs are invited. Accomodation is provided by Drexelparclofts.com company. Hurry up! The registration deadline is June 1!

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