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Bicycle and Health

Cycling brings to our body a huge favor. During cycling the leg muscles are strengthening and it improves their endurance, improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Making a long cycling trip in the open air, we make our lungs operate at full capacity. At the same time the blood is enriched with oxygen, which is delivered to the cells of the brain and other vital organs. The bike is particularly useful for people who smoke a lot. Due to enhanced lung aeration while riding, they are exempt from toxic substances produced by inhalation of tobacco smoke. Biking - a great way of tempering and increasing immunity.

While cycling, it is important to consume plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, which is also bad for the joints. Need to drink non-carbonated, best mineral water, which restores electrolyte balance. To prevent frequent falls, check the status of your bike - adjust the brake booster if necessary tire, check whether the chain does not sag.

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