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How to choose a bike

You are planning to buy a bike and have a clear idea about the purposes for which it will be used, but do not know how to choose it, how to pick up the model to suit your height and weight best? The answer to these and many other questions related to the choice of a bike are covered in this article using the information provided by professional spring manufacturers, which are engaged in springs and other bike's spare parts production. Read more about reasons of huge popularity of cycling among modern people.

Previously, when the first bikes only appeared, people were not puzzled with the question of how to choose a bike and upgrade it according to their specific needs. All the bikes were almost the same, but nowadays bike industry offers a variety of models and the task of each cycler is to choose the most appropriate option. It is not an exaggeration that to date cycling industry offers a myriad of bikes for different skill levels, purposes and budgets. How to get well-versed in all that?

What classes of bicycles are there?
All the bicycles can be to divided into two classes in terms of quality of construction, materials used and, accordingly, the cost: premium and mass class.

Bicycles of mass class are the vehicles, which are designed for the majority of cyclists. The main task of these bicycles is meeting the needs of the majority, namely conventional city cycling with short distances covering (up to 60 km). As a rule, these bikes are equipped with a steel frame and springs and mediocre linkage (plug, control gear).

Bicycles of premium class are the vehicles designed for those who are ready to pay for the quality. Bicycles of premium class are usually preferred by those who travel in summer and winter, who are actively engaged in cycling or participate in various competitions. As a rule, these bikes are equipped with an aluminum or carbon frame and good quality control (plug, gear mechanisms).

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Read what bike model to choose to meet your needs best

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