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Safely Living on the Edge

Motorbikes have long stood as a symbol for a high-octane, dangerous lifestyle. It's often stated that motorbikes are more dangerous than the other forms of transportation on wheels, yet that doesn't seem to deter any of the many millions that travel by motorbike. There are a number of options available to those who choose to operate a motorbike. First, all riders should wear helmets. This shouldn't be optional because motorbikes are more susceptible to traffic accidents. All riders must be fully covered with bike insurance. Since riders don't have the option of air bags or even a covered vehicle like traditional motorists, they must have something that protects their head from damage in the event of a crash, which could eventually lead to them needing brain injury rehabilitation in the future. Riders can further protect themselves from serious injury in the event of a crash by wearing additional protective gear like jackets which can come in leather or textile. Riders should opt to wear long pants instead of shorts made of durable material like leather or blue jeans. A number of motorbike-related accidents are the result of accidents; many motorists would benefit from taking motorbike safety classes and learn to never mix alcohol with riding.

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