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What bike model to choose to meet your needs best

You should choose a bike basing on your riding needs, that is, when selecting a bike you need to consider the three factors:

1. State of roads on which you will ride
2. The distance you are going to cover daily
3. The speed that you wish to develop

Careful consideration of these three factors will allow you to make a choice in favor of one or another model of the bike.

What types of bikes do exist? You can choose from four main types, mainly: city, tourist, mountain and road.

City bike is designed for riding in urban conditions: asphalt road, high curbs, climbs and descents.

Therefore, these bikes are completed with short-stroke suspension, tires with small tread for asphalt, multi-speed transmission and a height-adjustable handle bar.

Road bike is designed for high-speed cycling on highways (roads with a smooth finish). Road bikes are equipped with light frames, thin tires for asphalt and multi-speed transmission. The design of the bike allows you to develop higher speed on highways. Read our guidance on choosing a bike.

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